YouTube veteran Roman Atwood reveals how he made “$20 million” from his merch

YouTube veteran Roman Atwood reveals how he made "$20 million" from his merch

Roman Atwood has been in the YouTube game for as long as fans can remember. He was among the first creators to make daily vlogs a trending subject and content.

In a recent interview on Logan Paul’s podcast ImPaulsive, the American revealed the amount of money he makes from selling and marketing his merchandise company, Smile More.

In the latest ImPaulsive episode, uploaded on September 7, Logan Paul discussed the huge merch empire the Millersport, Ohio native had built. Roman started selling his own merch in 2013.

Speaking to the co-hosts, the creator revealed the total revenue he had generated:

“It was over 20 million, somewhere around there.”

Roman Atwood reveals how his business started in basement
Selling merchandise is one of the most profitable ventures that creators can step into. Many top influencers, including celebrities, have often marketed their merch.

However, to commercialize a product, they must know the market’s ins and outs. Considering that Roman already worked in a factory, the influencer was able to grow his business exponentially. He revealed:

“Smile More was so good, and I was still early in the merch game for YouTubers. And everybody was using, like, a Spread Shirt and Teespring, and I was like, I’m going to do this in my basement. Brittney and I started in my living room.”

He also revealed that he personally packed every order in his early days. However, he later got his family involved in it as well. He continued:

“We did about seven hundred thousand orders.”
When asked about the total revenue generated from his business, Roman Atwood disclosed that he had made over $20 million. He added that had they been better informed, they would have “capitalized” even more.

He ended with this statement:

“It was so fun to do as a family, keep it small, keep it all.”Fans react to interview
Viewers were pleased to see a long-time participant in the YouTube world being invited to the podcast. Fans reacted positively to Roman, and many implored Logan to invite him back.

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